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Perfection in every detail

Alongside customer satisfaction, spontaneity and flexibility are our highest values. For this reason, our goldsmith’s workshop is still located in house at Alter Markt 7. Our master goldsmiths have access to the best resources. Among other things, we work with the latest technology, such as CNC engraving machines and laser welding technology, and we also utilize centuries-old goldsmithing techniques with the greatest precision.

Creating a perfectly shaped piece of jewelry involves many steps, requiring expert knowledge, attention to detail, and craftsmanship. After the gemstones are personally selected by the Koppenwallner family, a design is drawn by hand. The team then decides the final form the piece should take, using decades-old workbooks and records as inspiration.


Then there is a walk to the goldsmith’s workshop, where for an initial calculation with the master goldsmith. The raw form is then created. Only when this meets our high standards, the gemstones are set. There may still be one or two adjustments before the piece of jewelry is perfect and therefore ready, because at Jeweler Paul Koppenwallner, we attach great importance to quality. This is the only way precious, unique pieces of the highest quality be produced. The offer includes, in addition to the creations themselves, their personalization, reworkings, and repairs of any kind.

Exquisite masterpieces

Already in its sixth generation, the Salzburg family of jewelers produces pieces of jewelry that are second to none.


Jeweler Paul Koppenwallner

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