Erwin Sattler

Precision and elegance

Immerse yourself in the world of precision pendulum clocks from Erwin Sattler. These clocks are not only exceptionally beautiful, but also highly accurate. At Erwin Sattler, every detail is made with the utmost care. Only the best materials are used, and each movement is calibrated by hand by experienced clockmakers. This ensures that Erwin Sattler’s precision pendulum clocks show only minimal deviations from the specifications of the most modern cesium time standards over months and years. This impressive accuracy has even placed Erwin Sattler’s clock side by side with the famous historical timekeeping instruments in the German Museum in Munich.

Aesthetics and craftsmanship

Erwin Sattler pursues the aspiration of aesthetic and technical perfection. Each precision pendulum clock is a work of art that embodies timeless elegance and beauty. Jeweler Paul Koppenwallner in Salzburg presents a wide selection of case materials, ranging from fine woods to precious metals, to ensure you’ll find a clock that perfectly matches your personal style and décor.

Tradition meets innovation

Erwin Sattler’s pendulum clocks are the result of the fusion of traditional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology. These clocks use innovative movement technologies to provide continuous and extremely accurate timekeeping, giving you not only an aesthetically pleasing work of art, but also a reliable timepiece for generations to come.

Your investment in time

Erwin Sattler pendulum clocks are not only luxurious timepieces, but also a long-term investment. They retain their value over the years and can even be passed on to future generations. Erwin Sattler precision pendulum clocks are a symbol of quality and precision that you will enjoy for a lifetime.

Discover the fascinating world of Erwin Sattler pendulum clocks at Jeweler Paul Koppenwallner in Salzburg. We invite you to explore our exclusive collection and experience for yourself the timeless beauty and precision of these exceptional clocks.

Timeless brilliance

Since 1958, the Erwin Sattler grand watch manufactory has elevated its craft to an art of timeless value. Timepieces created in Munich that will last for generations.


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